143rd Anniversary Celebration

Jerusalem Baptist Church celebrating 143 years of ministry on Sunday at 9 a.m. on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope or our website www.jerusalembc.org/live.

Thankful for our Pastor, Rev. Richard A. Holland and all of our former Pastors: our Founder, Rev. Jimmie Cluff, our 2nd Pastor, Rev. Perham, our 3rd Pastor, Rev. Thomas Byrd, our 4th Pastor, Rev. Thomas Turlington, our 5th Pastor, Rev. J. Elijah Bowens, our 6th Pastor, Rev. Carrington, our 7th Pastor, Rev. Henderson, our 8th Pastor, Rev. Benjamin Burton, our 9th Pastor, Rev. Dr. Edward L. Bruce, our 10th Pastor, Rev. Dr. Michael T. Scott, and 11th Pastor, Rev. Linda D. Stevens.

May Jerusalem ever live on as… “the church where everybody is somebody and everybody is family”. We are thankful to our Anniversary Chairs, Deacon James and Sis. Pamela Johnson for their dedicated work. A work that she continued even in the midst of Deacon Johnson’s passing. May he rest from his labor.

7 – Rev. Henderson

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